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EasyPlan is a management tool, easy to use, for hotels, bed & breakfasts, cottages, campgrounds, cottages.
We are of the opinion that if you can not understand the workings of a program in five minutes then it is too complicated to use. With this principle, we have created a management easy to understand and easy to use.
EasyPlan is developed in a web environment, so it works on all operating systems connected to the Internet.


With EasyPlan you can:
Manage unlimited Accommodations, Types, Events, Reservations, Extra.
Print the details of the booking and / or the list of extras purchased as well as the daily sheet.
View the Monthly Planner and / or the Weekly as well as the rooms occupied on a given day.
Analyze the performance of sales / revenues through detailed statistics.


EasyPlan has been translated, for the moment, in 5 languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish) in order to comply immediately, the largest number of properties. But we are planning to increase language versions.

Choose your languages:
Italian English Spanish French German


Why choose EasyPlan

Why abandon the planning papers?
If you´re still using the old paper-based planning, it´s time to make a radical change and improve the management of your facility.
Here are 8 reasons to use EasyPlan: Respect the Environment, You have a historic annual sales, Easily search the information, No risk of losing or altering the paper, You have a greater privacy and security, Better organize your daily work, Store information that you would be hard to do, Easy to carry and you can make as many copies you want.

Why abandon the Excel sheets?
If you´re using spreadsheets to store the information you´re almost close to having an optimal management of your business.
Here are 7 reasons to use EasyPlan: You have a historic annual attendance figures, Easily search the information, No risk of deleting data or formulas, You have a greater privacy and security, Better organize your daily work, Store information that would be difficult to do, Organize information in a structured way.

Technical Aspects

The installation is included?
Being a software developed in a web environment, you do not need any installation on your PC. EasyPlan can be accessed from any workstation PC, Tablet, Smartphone with an active internet connection.

What are the technical requirements for use EasyPlan?
You do not need any special technical requirement. Just a last generation browsers.

Development and Support

The software is developed by you or you are only resellers?
EasyPlan is made entirely by us. Unlike other solutions, design and develop everything in-house, in Italy, in 2005. This gives our customers the opportunity to enjoy superior service and to interact directly with the manufacturer.

The support and updates are included?
Sure. You usuffruire of all changes, over time, to improve the software, along with expert support and continuously able to support you every day in the management and growth of your accommodation.

Are there fees?
Yes. The annual fee of EasyPlan varies according to the number of rooms/accommodations. Below you will find the cost based on the number of housing excluding VAT:

N. RoomsAnnual FeeN. RoomsAnnual FeeN. RoomsAnnual FeeN. RoomsAnnual Fee
From 1 to 1050 euroFrom 11 to 20100 euroFrom 21 to 30150 euroFrom 31 +200 euro

Payments and Refunds

What is your refund policy?
We can not be repaid once the license has been paid. EasyPlan is a service offered to holders subject to VAT. The Decree. 185/99 concerning the right of withdrawal shall not apply to this type of service. The 30-day free trial of the platform will allow you to fully test our solution before purchasing.

How can we pay?
We accept payment by Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

Do you want to ask a question?
We will be happy to answer them! Simply write to us at info@web-plan.it or use the contact form located on this page.


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